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Automated Invoice Reminders - Create your own schedule

If you regularly send invoices, then you know it's a pain having to constantly remind your customers to pay their invoice on time. Here is the solution Sage: Set the frequency, dates, and time with a new schedule feature that works with any e-mail client (INCLUDING LOTUS NOTES). Example 1: Dimex habitually pays late because they have to be reminded about the due date every single time. With this new schedule system, you can e-mail a reminder attached with the invoice at 2PM every Friday until the due date. The reminder will stop until the status of the invoice changes to "PAID IN FULL" OR you manually put a halt to the reminder. Example 2: You should be allowed to customize each customer to have their own schedule. Customer A gets a reminder on Thursday at 12AM Eastern time because they live in China. Customer B gets a reminder on Wednesday at 5PM because that is the time they check their e-mails but you are just leaving work. It would also be marvelous to integrate e-mail boilerplates as ancillary to this feature. Let's make each e-mail personal and friendly to each particular customer without sounding like a robot.

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  • Jul 14 2015