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Consumers Sales & Use Tax Tracking

It would be nice if there was a box to check or even a box to key in an amount (that does not add to what you pay the vendor) that would show that you owe consumers sales & use tax on an accounts payable invoice as you are entering it. We must file a consumers use tax return every month for two different states. I would like to be able to run a report if the vendor failed to charge enough tax or maybe it is an out of state vendor and they do not collect tax for your state. Some of our vendors only collect state and county and then we have to remit the city. We must file for Alabama each month and they have a machine rate and a general rate and we must remit for the state, county, and city. If there was just a check box that you could check when you are entering the invoice it would be great and then you could run a report and it would show all of the invoices that you need to remit tax on for the month. If you wanted to be more detailed if there was a box to key in the amount that you owe (which everyone could calculate on their own and key in). But, of course you would not want the amount to add to the invoice that you are paying to the vendor. Currently this is a total manual process for us - as we key in the invoices we keep a copy of it for the month end filing to remit tax on.

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  • Oct 14 2015