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Don't allow changes to sales tax rates to go backwards from the date the change is effective!!!

I had a state sales tax rate that changed effective January 1, 2017.  I made the change in Sage assuming that this rate would only apply forward from the date I made it effective which was January 1, 2017.

Unfortunately, when I found I had to go back into 2016 to print out reports and check my filings in the 4th quarter 2016 I found that all the reports within Sage that I ran now reflected the new 2017 tax rate and were therefore incorrect for 2016.

I have found this same problem in other areas of Sage 50 such as address changes for customers or vendors.  Instead of only going forward in time from the effective date of the change the developers of this program allow changes to affect both forward and back in time.  This is totally incorrect and bad programming.

I suggest that Sage 50 fix this programming problem immediately!!

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  • Feb 7 2017