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Implement the ability to email direct deposit advices

I know this topic is brought up from time to time, but it is beginning to be a rather large issue within my organization.  Quickbooks has the capability and more.  It is a disservice to the employee by not suppling the direct deposit advice by email.  We are a small business and do not have the ability to put on a website for the associate to pull themselves.  So for the two remote sites employees must wait until the owners can get there with their direct deposit advice. When you ask Sage they state that because it is not legal in all states they are not implementing at all.  Would the liability not lie with the company that actually sent it?  I do not understand what the big deal is. You can email invoices so the functionality is there.  It should be a simple change in the software.  I need for Sage to be my business partner and supply the functionality that we need. Not run my business.

I am sure that I am not the only one. Anyone else feel that they need the ability to email direct deposit advices?

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  • Jun 23 2022