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Emailing invoices templates

We have been using Sage for nearly 20 years and for at least the past 10 years we have been asking to have the invoicing templates fixed so they actually work... just upgraded to 2023 and it still isnt fixed. Maybe you guys don't understand what we have explained dozens of times... so customers pay in various ways (credit card, ACH, wire transfer, Net 30, etc...) and we have a form specific to each payment method. When we email the invoice, we want to easily select the type of invoice we are sending. We have been told that templates are the easiest way to do this. SO we made a Credit Card, ACH, Wire Transfer, and Net 30 invoice template. Each one has a different form. However, no matter what template we select, it does not pick the correct form. However, if you goto Customize Invoice Layout and select the correct form and save it, it will use that form until you change it. Sure would be nice if we could click on the Layout, select the template, and then email the invoice. ORRRRR even better, have the ability to select the template after clicking on Email Invoice! PLEASE FIX!

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  • Nov 8 2022