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Remove Time Out Function PLEASE!

I have been using Sage for over 20 years. Once I updated to 2023, I started getting this "timed out" notification. Not only does it say the company has closed due to inactivity, it then causes Sage to be unresponsive. This makes me have to close it through Task Manager. Then wait 5 minutes before I can login and open the company again. This is costing me HOURS each day that could be productive time rather than waiting for your program to decide to work. So frustrating and no reason for it. I am the only one that uses this software at work and am doing other things throughout the day, but always going back to use Sage. I should not have to be opening and closing it multiple times a day to continue to use it.

PLEASE DISABLE/REMOVE THIS FUNCTION! I like your software, but it is now costing us money and being a hindrance rather than helping us.

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  • Nov 11 2022