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Streamline Annual Inventory

Taking inventory is already time-consuming enough.

Having to do inventory adjustments for each change adds to the amount of time to take inventory.

Please allow a "starting balance" style screen that we can plug in the current inventory value.  Let the program do the math behind the scenes.  This would turn a 5-6 hour job for us into a 1-hour job tops, and we're a smaller company. I can only imagine larger companies would save even more time.

We pay a lot of money annually for this program, and the changes made each year are relatively minor. This would be a major change that would be a huge benefit for everyone.

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  • Nov 16 2022
  • cigargerald cigargerald commented
    14 Mar 12:21am

    Good luck in getting them to do that.

    But, we do what you are saying fairly easily. Before you start doing inventory, download a list of all your items (item # and quantity on hand). Save the file in Excel. When you are complete, but all the actual balances in a 3rd column and let Excel calculate the adjustment. Sort by adjustment amount and delete all the rows with zero. Convert the calculated column to values. Then do an import (import/export part - you'll have to format it to the spec). Works like a charm - we've don this for years.

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