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Email Payment Remittance

Sage needs an email button for Payments the same way it has the email button for Sales/Invoicing and Receive Money.  Sage allows you to email copies of invoices and receipts to customers, but it doesn't have the ability to email payment remittances to vendors.  This missing feature is surprising considering more and more things are going digital nowadays.  I have contacted Sage customer support about this several times over the last few years but I keep getting told that Sage doesn't support this.  My company would like to transition away from paper checks and move more towards sending ACH payments to vendors, but Sage's inability to email remittances has been the sole reason we have not been able to make this transition.  We recently found a third party application for emailing remittances but it's not a perfect system and it's a pain considering this should be something Sage can handle.  Please pleas please come up with an email system for the vendor/payment side of things!

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  • Oct 13 2020
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