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Expand Column widths for invoicing and purchasing.

Hello everyone,

Is anyone else sick and tired of a limited view for the Quantity, Item and Shipped columns when entering Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Sales/Purchasing Invoicing? I think we need Sage to update this so we can actually see our numbers. This has been a hindrance for years. I am actively seeking new software to replace Sage 50 due to the rising cost of an annual subscription anyways, but this is another reason. Unless Sage can fix this issue in the next year, I may have no other recourse but to switch software. Yea, it may be a pain in the ***, but definitely worth it if we're not getting our money's worth. Why continue to pay increased costs when we are limited in capacity to function normally? The column issue is a sore spot for years, but also the lack of network functionality within Sage 50. We have a 3 user license but we have to use a 3rd party cloud host in order to network our Sage50 for multiple users to use Sage50 at the same time. How on earth can Sage 50 actually try to promote their cloud based software if you have to have employees work in Sage50 one at a time? It defeats the purpose! 

So Sage... please fix the Column Width issue and your lack of multi user cloud based networking! Other than that, the software is easy to use!

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  • Jan 13 2022