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Properly QA test new release before deploying it and extend planned obsolescence/support for old version for up to 1 yr.

Your paying customers are not your QA department, and if that is your view, then we should get credit toward the renewal for every hour we spend installing>reinstalling>installing your new release.

Have the developers test the "new" release with real world datasets, not 500MB ones you call "large", we are talking 10-20 GB.

Test all the ID lists with thousands of list items (stock items, customers, vendors, employees, SO, PO, Invoices, et cetera)

Test and make sure lists or fields can show as many characters as the field in the database can store.

Test all versions with multiple users at once.

Test all versions on hardware/vm based on your minimum and recommended requirements and with large (normal) datasets.

Test the "new" release installed on systems that had the previous release installed.

Quantum: Have devs and testers install/upgrade 40 seat cases: asked them to record how long it takes to do a full install.

Quantum: Have devs + testers use on Sage on +20 workstations at once, with large datasets.

Have devs and testers use Sage on high resolution monitors, no one uses 14-17" monitors anymore.

Have devs and testers use Sage's smallest but with high usage screens for hours, perhaps they can understand how making these screens expandable can help.

Have devs and testers use Sage with bigger Text, Windows > Display > Make everything bigger > +100%

Then, after all that, test again, then release the upgrade, but extend the obsolescence policy at least 12 months.

The last 3 releases have had critical issues that were not completely "fixed" until almost the cut off date. (case in point, 2023 upgrade still is a mess, a week before the March cutoff date).


  • Oscar Diaz
  • Feb 20 2023