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Better location of the SmartPosting status indicator


The current location of the SmartPosting status is not ideal. Due to the window layout, screens are independent of the main application window. Users have the ability to have multiple screens open while the main screen is minimized.

This is handy in most situations, but not when SmartPosting fails.

Users can go hours without looking at the SmartPosting indicator, which means transactions are not posted, which in turn could lead to data loss.

It would be very useful if either the SmartPosting status is reflected:

  • On every individual screen, as the green/red "light bulb"
  • On every individual screen, appended to the screen title, for instance: Maintain Inventory Items [SmartPosting: Running]
  • Or in the form of a message informing the user to stop, close Sage, and notify system admin to restart SmartPosting.

In a +30 user installation, there are a lot of transactions that could get stuck before anyone notices the SmartPosting error status.

If that is too complicated, perhaps a KB article describing a method to determine the SmartPosting status via API or adding a parameter to the smartposting20xx.exe to return the status, something like smartposting202x.exe /status. So we system admins could use to alert users in a more visible manner.

Thank you.

  • Oscar Diaz
  • Feb 28 2023