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General Ideas on behalf of Amy Fields of Interstate Promotional Dist. Inc.

Here are some improvement suggestions: 

It would be a HUGE improvement if we could: 

  1. In Receive Money ability to “Pay all” and really actually check off all. We have a few customers that do hundreds and hundreds of invoices.  We have to hand check off (click, click, click) a few pages, then save.  Then repeat.  It takes 30 – 45 minutes to post a check instead of 2 minutes.  If we could click Pay All (and I mean ALL without a message that we clicked too many) and then be able to Save, it would be a real time and accuracy saver.  


  1. In Receive Money – Please give clients the option to turn off the message “The reference number has already been entered for this customer”  (Actually it would be nice for the administrator to activate and choose which messages apply to their accounting – maybe even create their own appropriate messages!). 
  1. In Reports, Forms, Statement -  for Customers coded for batch delivered e-mailed statements – we need the ability to customize the look and feel of the e-mail message that goes with an e-mailed statement.  There is a way to change the text, (Set up for default e-mail) but it looks very unprofessional and there is no way to eliminate the unnecessary Adobe pdf message at the bottom.  The technology certainly exists, but this where Sage really looks old school, out-dated and unprofessional. 
  1. In Maintain customers, the e-mail address field is not long enough to accommodate a few long e-mail addresses.  Why is it truncated?    
  1. Be consistent in features.  Here is an example:

Here is the calendar from “Receive Money”   There is no way to easily click Today’s Date. 

 Here is the calendar from “Customer Ledger” with the ability to click on “Today’s” date.

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  • Mar 7 2023