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Help desk should submit ideas.

When I started in finance and investing back in 2006, my first job was at a Fidelity call centre. Back then Fidelity knew that the help desk is the front line for the company. The front line is best positioned to gather feedback on customer issues. They are also customers main interaction with the company, so when dealing with a call centre rep, you'd assume that if you want customers to like your company and product you'd want the call centre employees to care about customers and their experience. They actively encouraged us to look out for customer complaints and submit ideas about what could be improved.

Sage appears to have taken the opposite tact. Their front line workers make it clear that if you have an idea, that's your business and not theirs. There's this forum, which is fine. But it feels like your help desk tells callers that if somethings wrong, go shout into this Sage City. So just know that in having your help desk tell me that they don't do ideas, you are telling me you actively dislike having me as a customer and wish I would go elsewhere.

  • Matthew John McAdam
  • Mar 21 2023