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No need for "Write Checks" option

I have wondered for years now why there is a Write Checks item to issue a check.  The same result is available in the Tasks / Payment selection but with a lot more information.  The Write Checks requires the same initial information - Vendor ID / Amount but it will never tell you if the vendor has an open balance on the AP report or a credit available.  One of my clients had a temp helping update some bank reconciliations, they used the Write Checks for ALL of the checks that were missing.  Unfortunately,  a number of those checks had to be deleted and re-entered to get the AP items of the list.  I cannot fathom why anyone would even use the option when the best way to enter all checks (in my humble opinion) is the Payment option that permits you to do what Write Checks allows, shows you the open AP, and even let's you put the amount "On Deposit" if you are awaiting invoices or need to prepay certain items.  My vote is get rid of this useless option.

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  • Dec 1 2020