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Defined Field in "Customer Transaction History", Amount? Missing Freight Field.

It is unclear what this "Amount" truly represents. The label is incomplete.

Users are unable to reconcile the Totals of the Invoice, Sales Tax and Non-Commission Totals. Also, while the "Sales Tax Amount" can be added to the report, the similar Freight amount cannot.

The "Amount" should be clearly named in the Column selector and Header.

The Amount derived from the Freight Line below the Invoice Subtotal must be added as an available Value. This would be helpful as the current options allow for displaying the Sales Tax Amount, but confirming the calculation and totals of Exempt/Non-Exempt Freight is not able to be done when this report clearly should be able to as any report should be able to self-reconcile. Trust and Verify. No Verification means No Trust.

  • Jun 30 2023