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Linking Purchase Orders with Sales orders

I use Sage in running a distribution company. Frequently I get orders from customers that require me to order merchandise from my suppliers. Since there is no way to link sales and purchase orders, sometimes goods arrive and then it is difficult to determine which sales order it is for. The only way is to use notes, but it would be very helpful to be able to cross reference sales and purchase orders

  • pfrederickllc pfrederickllc
  • Oct 20 2023
  • Lynn Lynn commented
    5 Apr 05:21pm

    Yes to be able to link multiple sales orders to a PO as my PO's are for more than one customer.

  • Brian Barnhart commented
    21 Mar 07:26pm

    This feature would be helpful. The best way I have found is to create the Sales order first, and copy that SO number into the PO entry for "Customer SO". My team then can follow bread crumbs back to which customer requested the materials.

  • pfrederickllc pfrederickllc commented
    20 Oct, 2023 03:43pm

    Yes it would also be useful to be able to copy purchase orders to sales orders and vice versa. I like all of the related ideas.