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Print a Sales Invoice and Packing Slip Together for a Single Transaction

When fulfilling orders, we print a Sales Invoice and Packing Slip for each order once completed. To save time, it would be very helpful if these forms could be printed with a one-click motion. Currently, you have to change the form from Sales Invoice to Packing Slip in the Sales Invoice screen each time and order is completed.

  • Nancy Parker
  • Oct 23 2023
  • Pat Guerra commented
    14 Dec, 2023 06:46pm

    we dont have time to try and print a packing slip for an invoice because of how cumbersome that process is. when printing an invoice if there was a check box to also print packing slip we would do this every single time. we have always just given a copy of the invoice as packing slip and that is not correct all the time to do.