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Item GL account should over-ride vendor default GL account when changing vendors on purchase order.

We prepare purchase orders to obtain quotes from vendors by using the request for quote form. Once the vendor is selected, we change the vendor to the lowest bidder and issue the PO. When we change vendors, the item GL on the last item of the purchase order changes to the default code for the vendor. It does not matter if it is a stock or non-stock item. This easily results in the last item be coded to the wrong GL account since we order multiple items with different GL accounts from the same vendor on the same PO.

A similar thing happens if our material planner starts a PO without a vendor selected and then selects one. It changes the last item to the default vendor code.

If we learn an item is not available from a vendor and have to change vendors, the last line item changes to the default code of the vendor.

All of these situations create coding errors that have to be found and corrected.

It was explained to us by Sage support that this is how the software works and there are not any user settings to change it. We see no advantage of changing the GL account on an inventory item on a PO to the vendor default when changing vendors. It only causes confusion and errors. It would severely limit the usefulness of the software if inventory items are limited to a single GL account based on the vendor default. The GL of the inventory item should not change regardless of where we purchase it.

  • Thomas Kell
  • Oct 27 2023