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Currently when processing 1099 forms for e-file requires requires first name, last name

When I process 1099 forms in the aatrix e-file process I am having enter the first name, last name for each individual if the FEIN box is not checked.

This is labor intensive since generally I have a mix of both companies and individual that receive Tax 1099 forms that have to be filed.

  • James Westmoreland
  • Jan 5 2024
  • Cathy Bogolin commented
    27 Jan 07:39pm

    I have used Sage/Peachtree since the 1980's. This is one of the more disappointing developments ( or lack there of). I spent over 2 hours copy/paste first and last name in 300 1099 forms, all because Aatrix and Sage aren't working nice together, and then I still get to pay Aatrix over $600 for this "service". Today I noticed the "email" box is blank too?? What would be the reason that detail didn't copy over from Sage??

  • Ashley Laird commented
    9 Jan 09:57pm

    Yes, this is so frustrating!