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1099 Requires first name, last name for efile

For each individual/company that FEIN box is not checked, first/last name box is highlighted red and requires entry even if full name is already entered under "full name" field.

  • Sara Diehl
  • Jan 9 2024
  • Cathy Bogolin commented
    27 Jan 07:38pm

    I have used Sage/Peachtree since the 1980's. This is one of the more disappointing developments ( or lack there of). I spent over 2 hours copy/paste first and last name in 300 1099 forms, all because Aatrix and Sage aren't working nice together, and then I still get to pay Aatrix over $600 for this "service". Today I noticed the "email" box is blank too?? What would be the reason that detail didn't copy over from Sage??

  • Lynn McCubbins commented
    26 Jan 08:31pm

    The information is already there in vendor set up and apparent in a few columns over in full name. This is ridiculous that you have to manually input this information and the fix they give you to mark all as EIN is pathetic. Because then IRS will reject them when TIN or SS#/ Name don't match because it thinks it's and EIN. Very time consuming when it should be a simple fix. Just remove those first two columns or in vendor input require first and last name instead of just vendor name!! Very unhappy with this.

  • Ashley Laird commented
    9 Jan 09:57pm

    Yes, this is so frustrating!