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Summary of Ideas

  1. Be able to assign multiple Labor Burdens one for regular and one for OT for same job. And select from menu the labor burdens from Hours Assigned to Job

  2. Be able to assign a file path to look for where the scanned documents are filed on the computer.

  3. New and simplified email direct deposit payroll slips. I cannot get current method to work.

  4. Separate items on invoice to have retainer and some not like materials stored.

  5. See job # on screen with views of list of invoices (vendor or customer)

  6. Tell you what page you are viewing in reports so you can print just the one page you want,

  7. Please please please speed up the payroll reports. I average 5-10 minutes waiting and we have ultra fast computers. The direct deposit report is fast but it is the only one. Change the other format to print like the direct deposit. I missed my bank direct deposit deadline for all our employees waiting for reports to print.

  • Lisa Coakley
  • Jan 9 2024