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Michigan State Tax Form 5180 missing the Page 1 Sales Tax Data

When producing the 5180 Tax form required by the State of Michigan there is a Page 1 Sales Tax Data needed along with the Page 2 Payroll Data.

Using Sage 50 and e-filing the form through Aatrix which is now a requirement, the page 1 Sales Tax is not carried over from Sage 50. The Page 2 payroll data appears correct.

This requires me to manually input the Page 1 Data adding extra time to the filing of the form.

  • James Westmoreland
  • Jan 26 2024
  • Traci Nugent-heath commented
    26 Jan 05:19pm

    Agree, this is something that needs to be addressed. This has happened to me 2 years in a row since using Aatrix for e-filing. I am unable to e-file since the sales tax information is not carried over from Sage 50. I have to manually calculate and input the information into the form and then file with the State of Michigan myself.