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I use lists as a dashboard in several ways. We need field that is open to use

Listing PO

I currently use Cust SO No for the promised ship date. This enables me to quickly see a Vendor that has failed to deliver. I also use the same field for all Tire invoices because we pay FET It hold the invoice #, # of tires and FET per Tire. I have to use the ship to country to mark off FET credit we have taken and not taken. I need to see this in the PO list or Purch Order list to file 720 Tax return

I use the Customer Invoice No for the Job number and the customer ID. This enables me to see all PO for a given customer or for a given Job. We need this in List because it is each customers summary.

Sales Invoice List

I have to use the ship to country code to indicate what customer paid FET and when I was paid. Again using the list as a dash board to find missed payments.

In short if we had a field in the list option we could put things like this in it would be invaluable.

  • Feb 1 2024