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New York Credit Card Surcharge Law eff. 02.11.24

The new law limits credit card surcharges to the amount charged to businesses by the credit card company and require them to post the total price of an item with and without the surcharge.

If in violation you can be subject to a $500.00 fine per occurrence.


The business lists the cash/check price and right next to it the credit card price. OR The business lists the credit card price and lets the customer know they will receive a discount for cash. OR The business charges the credit card price to all purchases.


A sign or notification stating an additional 3.5% will be applied for credit card purchases.

A convenience fee, service fee, processing fee, etc. is charged to credit card users and added as a separate line on the customer receipt.

The price tag of an item shows $10.00 + 4% if paying with a credit card.

  • Amanda Cole
  • Feb 12 2024
  • BRIAN SPILLER commented
    13 Feb 04:28pm

    You would have to use a Description line and manually calculate the Dollar amount from whatever rate decided on.

    Subtotals in the Item field is not available and that means any charges based on a % are not availble to SAGE users.