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BUG: Inbox notifications don't go away after trashing them

I have noticed a bug in the software for a long time (through several versions) since you started having your Inbox notifications (Feed/Preferences) on the dashboard. I have a multi-monitor situation where my Sage is set to always open on my second monitor (Monitor 2). Every time I get a notification, read it and trash it, it looks like it goes away as expected. But the issue is that the notification reappears the next time I log in!

The only way to get the inbox messages to permanently go away are if I move the Sage application to Monitor 1, close the application, open the application (so it opens on Monitor 1), trash the notifications, close the app, and then they are permanently gone the next time the app is opened. It's an edge case, but it would be great if you could add it as a bug ticket. Thank you!

  • Max Merlin
  • Mar 28 2024