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New Field for Inventory Items: PURCHASE PRICE - Along w/ option to default pricing on POs as either Last Unit Cost or PURCHASE PRICE

Difficulty to implement: 1/10, very easy!

Our current situation: we have nearly 1,000 items we buy/sell every day whose prices fluctuate daily (corresponding the market price for copper). Every day, our purchase prices are different, and we have to manually enter the day's purchase prices when creating purchase orders. The purchase price by default is the Last Unit Cost - while this may work for most items for most customers, it does NOT work for us.

Ideal workflow: every morning, we do a quick upload of the day's purchase prices into Sage. All of our problems are solved!

How would this be implemented? For every inventory item, add a value field (Purchase Price) and an option setting (Default PO price to Last Unit Cost? Yes or No). If selected as 'Yes', then the program functions exactly as it does now. If selected as 'No', then the program uses the value in 'Purchase Price' as the default price when creating purchase orders. It would be important for this field and setting to be part of the import/export data for the Inventory Item List.

  • Nick Petterson
  • Apr 29 2024