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RECONCILIATION: DO NOT PURGE Credit Card transactions that haven't been SELECTED and / or RECOGNEZED for the CURRENT MONTH

When i reconcile my credit card statement, my closing statement date is through the 6th of each month.  Here is what happens in the RECONCILIATION WINDOW, the download of transactions from the bank DOWNLOADS everything just fine.  However when I reconcile my statement, I can only SELECT and /or RECOGNIZE the items through the 6th of the month of my CC statement.  All remaining transactions which have been downloaded and are respectfully the 7th through the 30th, I CANNOT SELECT because they aren't on my statement with the closing date of the 6th.  So what the blessed Sage Software does is that it PURGES ALL UNSELECTED or UNRECONGINZED TRANSACTIONS, which are all the remaining transactions from 7th through 30th.  NOW when next month rolls in, and I open my reconciliation window, ALL OF THOSE TRANSACTIONS from the previous month dated the 7th --- the 30th have been PURGED.  Why do you ask? Because they are PURGED AUTOMATICALLY by the system (simply because they weren't SELECTED or RECOGNEZED in the previous reconciliation window).  ATTENTION ALL SOFTWARE ENGINEERS, these transaction ARE NEEDED FOR THE NEXT STATEMENT, because the next statement is the 7th of the previous month through the 6th of the current month and so on.   

PLEASE, PLEASE and once more PLEASE, DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY PURGE these transactions.  Can you INSTEAD assign a PURPLE FLAG to these transactions, making them available for next month's reconciliation.  THE PURPLE FLAG (or whatever color it may be) will signify that these transactions are from the previous month and have not cleared.  Because with the current AUTO PURGING of unselected or unrecognized transactions, I then have to labor and manually enter over 50-60 credit card transactions on my STATEMENT each and every month.  I pray there is a human being who is an engineer at Sage Software who will understand what it is that I'm talking about.  Thank you and I hope to hear back from someone !!

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  • Oct 5 2021