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Improvements on Bank Feeds

Hello, I have clients leaving Sage50 and using QuickBooks Online. One reason is the way you can import bank transactions using rules and letting the system import transactions and put to the correct customer card or vendor card. I use Bank Feeds in Sage50 but import, then have to tell the transaction to add as a check or receipt, then pull up the vendor it belongs to etc. So much easier if we can set those up to automatically go where they need to be and only have to deal with the "new" vendors that come over. The least amount that we have to type in is better for clients. They have other things to do besides retyping things that should come over in the Bank Feeds.

  • Emelie Bankston
  • Sep 21 2023
  • Emelie Bankston commented
    21 Sep, 2023 11:20pm

    I would be happy to talk to y'all to better explain what I am talking about. I am ready for some changes in the acct reconciliation part of the system.